PharmaBlue, a PharmaLex Company

PharmaBlue is a partner "Exploitant" of innovative Pharma Companies for the marketing in France of their medicinal products which have been granted an Early access authorization (EAP) or a Marketing Authorization (MA)

* This video contains marketing statements related to Pharma Blue SAS, a subsidiary of PharmaLex France SAS. PharmaBlue and PharmaLex are each

subsidiaries of Cencora, Inc. PharmaLex and Cencora strongly encourage viewers to review all available information and to rely on their own

experience and expertise in making commercialization decisions in the French market. The contents of this  video are owned by Pharma Blue and

reproduction of this video is not permitted without the consent of Pharma Blue.

PharmaBlue holds an “Etablissement Pharmaceutique Exploitant” license from ANSM and can take over the organisation and supervision of the distribution in France of pharmaceutical products.

Our services

You are looking to find a partner for early access programs in France

When a pharmaceutical company is primarily focusing on development but would like to outsource early access programme in France and Exploitant responsibilities in the field of rare or serious disease & unmet medical need, why is Pharma Blue a good choice?


From its creation, PharmaBlue has been involved in the efficient management of EAPs (Early access programs previously called ATUs) and early phase of post marketing authorization activities in France. Developing strong expertise in supporting Pharma companies to obtain early access authorization and manage them, we have gained a good reputation in the field of rare or serious disease & unmet medical need.

You are a foreign company planning to find a partner in France

As an established pharma organization outside France or Europe, a company contemplates launching an orphan drug in France but have no affiliate to proceed further. How and why Pharma Blue could be the right solution for the company?


– PharmaBlue has built a robust quality management system to provide continuous and specific support to foreign companies willing to introduce new products to the French market.


– PharmaBlue with the support of its mother company PharmaLex offers the possibility to hold the Exploitant status and overlook pharmaceutical operations on the French Market.


– PharmaBlue has an experienced team in quality management and pharmacovigilance that is used to cooperate with firms in Europe and in the US.

You are a pharmaceutical company considering to establish an affiliate in France

You have a plan to create an affiliate in France, how could PharmaBlue be of help in this project?


– PharmaBlue can provide support to your plan of creation of a licensed pharmaceutical affiliate in France (with an Exploitant status) with a framework of progressive disengagement as your new business gets more resources and staffing.


– In addition, PharmaLex experts’ team will be able to support your affiliate obtaining the licensed Exploitant status and extend support and training to newly formed organization to ensure a smooth transfer of competency.