About PharmaBlue

PharmaBlue is a French company, belonging to PharmaLex Group, partnering with Pharmaceutical Companies looking to appoint a local "Exploitant" for the distribution of their medicines on the French market.

About PharmaBlue

PharmaBlue was founded in 2015.


PharmaBlue offers “Exploitant” services to Pharmaceutical Companies looking to distribute their medicines in France.

Exploitant services

PharmaBlue holds an “Exploitant” Authorization granted by ANSM.


The Exploitant services include overlooking wholesale distribution, advertising, medical information, pharmacovigilance, batch follow-up and, where necessary, batch recall for pharmaceutical products on the French Market (as described in art R 5124-36 of the French Public Health Code).


Quality Management System

PharmaBlue holds a robust Quality Management System (QMS) :


To control and improve its activities


To reach the level of conformity as expected by its clients


To fullfill the French regulatory requirements 


This QMS helps us to lead our business in accordance with the current regulations and guidelines in the interest of public health.


Overview of our QMS